Meeting the neighbors


While taking the dogs on an early morning walk, we met these two elk were across the street from our cabin.

I had just left my driveway and started walking up the street when I heard a noise. I looked to my left and their they were, about 50 feet away from me. I stopped, expecting them to scurry off, but after looking at me and my two dogs (who did not notice them right away), they went back to eating and actually moving in my direction. When my dogs finally noticed them, Winston, my Cairn Terrier, was quiet, but attentive to the elk, and Bailey, my Maltese-Yorkie mix, couldn’t quite decide if she wanted to bark or not.

I snapped a few photos with my iPhone then continued up the hill. We came back the same way a little while later and one had crossed the street and the other was on the other side, relatively close to the road. They both continued browsing on bushes while keeping an eye on us as we continued down the road.

I’m really surprised they didn’t bolt as I spotted these two a few weeks ago from a farther distance, and they were both quite skittish then.

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