We headed up to Jerome, Arizona for a class that we had signed up for several months ago. Since accommodations were limited and required climbing stairs in this community nestled on the side of a mountain, something that Karen cannot handle other than a few steps, we checked into a hotel at the base of the mountain in Cottonwood, Arizona, for a couple of nights. As we had lost our of our furrbabies earlier this week, Karen was still upset about Winston’s passing and wasn’t sure that she wanted to go. Fortunately, I convinced her it would be good to get out of town and do something to distract us from Winston’s passing. We both really miss the little furbaby!

Karen has long had an interest in kaleidoscopes and I had bought her a couple in Jerome when we were there on her birthday earlier this year. That is when we learned that several kaleidoscopes makers from around the country were putting on classes in October. We learned how to make the mirrors at the proper angles for the inside of the ‘scope and we made the glass beads for the ‘scope, heating and shaping the various types of glass. Karen even learned how to use a lathe to turn the body of the ‘scope! We had a great time and are glad we did not miss the class!

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