From the Desert to the Snow

Four Peaks Mountain

When planning a ride with the riding group of Old, Older, and Oldest (my friends Tony, Rich and myself), I jokingly suggested riding the ATVs to the top of Four Peaks Mountains as it had snowed there recently. I was surprised when they said they wanted to go!

From our starting point in the desert, we crossed a few streams from the runoff of the melting snow before we made it to the top of the summit. We had a great view of Roosevelt Lake before we turned turned around at the Lone Pine Trailhead just a short distance from the lookout.

One of the streams we crossed
Tony checking out something in the stream
My ATV in the foreground, Rich in the background
Getting closer to our destination
Roosevelt Lake from the lookout at the summit of the mountain
Another view of Roosevelt Lake
Our turn-around at the Lone Pine Trailhead
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