A Day at the Lake

We spent yesterday at one of the local lakes with my daughter, Stephanie, her fiancé, Michael, and his kids, Rita and David. We spent a couple of hours touring the lake on The Dolly Steamboat. Well, it looks like an old double-decker paddlewheeler, but it’s powered by a modern engine.

Rita and David had a blast – I don’t believe they had ever been on a boat before. One of the biggest attractions for them was the snack bar. They enjoyed their snacks and drinks while taking in the scenery and spotting desert bighorn sheep on top of the mountains surrounding the lake during our lazy cruise.

Rita and Stephanie

We ended the day with a leisurely late lunch/early dinner at the marina restaurant, enjoying our meal at a window table overlooking the lake and one of the docks.

Bighorn Sheep

Speaking of bighorn sheep, They’re known for their sure-footedness while navigating the rocky mountainsides. The Captain said a couple of weeks ago, they saw a rare event; a bighorn sheep loosing its footing and falling several hundred feet into the water! They notified the Fish & Game Department who came out to study what happened. Their conclusion? 

The ram didn’t see the ewe turn!

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